Video editor for music videos

Hello everyone,

for the creation of the various music videos, I always have to follow the same steps: Load all the videos, sync them to the mixed audio, split the videos at the different parts of the song, and layout them.
Especially the last task, layouting, was very time consuming.

So I started to write my own video editor that is tailored specifically towards music videos in the style you can see on my youtube channel.
I started with the editor in January and the development continues on. Every time I make a new music video, I implement the new features that were missing.

Until now, the editor supports for example:

  • arbitrary many video channels
  • cutting, cropping of the videos
  • displaying the wave form and frames per channel
  • Realtime playback
  • A layout manager for a simple and very fast positioning of the videos!

I used it in my cover of “How Far I’ll Go” and  the Michael Jackson Medley. You will see it in action in the next videos for sure.

To find out more, see the project page of the video editor:

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