Macavity from the musical Cats written by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Arranged by Sebastian Weiss.
Featuring two vocal performances, one solo part, and a shout chorus.

Credits also go to A.J. and PQigg for their awesome vocal performance. They are members of Promenadorquestern, the student band of the Kungliga Tekniska högskolan (KTH) in Stockholm. Check out the webpage of PQ:

2x voice
5x sax (2x alto, 2x tenor, 1x bari)
4x trumpet
4x trombone (3x tenor, 1x bass)
rhythm section (piano, guitar, bass, drums)

If you want to play this arrangement in your band, write me a message over the contact formula (click here) or in the comment section of the video. Please also tell me in which ensemble you play or on which occasion you want to perform it (for my curiosity).
I can send you the arrangement to try it out. If you plan to play it in a concert, I’d like to ask for a small donation then.