The Bare Necessities [AATB / SATB]

After some very “jazzy” arrangements that were not good enough for recording, it was time for an easy, funny piece:
The Bare Necessities from the Jungle Book!

I wrote it for my saxophone quartet, two altos, one tenor and one bari. But, as always, I don’t have a tenor saxophone so I used my bari twice in the recording instead.
Here it is:

Furthermore, I got a new microphone: a Shure SM57 instead of the Beyerdynamic TG157c clip mic I used in the previous videos. The recording is now much simpler and I think, it also sounds better.

Note sheets:
The note sheets are free as long as you play it for personal, non-commercial uses. For all other cases, please contact me first.

Score and parts (AATB)
Score and parts (SATB)

Credits also go to:
Paul Murtha (middle part):
NNHTK (other parts):