Over the years I arranged many pieces for various ensembles.

I started arranging for saxophone in my last school years. These were only meant as practice etudes like the “flight of the bumblebee”.

During my university studies I invested more and more time in music. This was the time when I entered the big band TUM JazzBand and we founded the saxophone quartet Saxolution.
My early arrangements like “Can you dig it?” or the Cantina Band were mostly tailored towards these two ensembles.

January 2016 I bought the first microphone and a simple audio interface and with that, I started recording the arrangements.

I use Sibelius 7 for the arrangements and Cubase 9 for recording. Cubase came with the audio interface. I highly recommend to try out Sibelius to write note sheets. I love it, it has all the functionalities that I need and as a student, it is not too costly.