Les Misérables Medley

Les Misérables Medley. Original music by Cloude-Michel Schönberg.
This project took months to complete. But I’m very satisfied with the result.

The band:
Lluís – trumpet (Come to me, a Heart full of Love)
Matías – trumpet (Stars)
Hendrik – bass, guitar, drums, production
Sebastian – saxophone, ocarina, arrangement, production, video

Check out Hendrik’s band, the D.C. Alcodas: https://www.facebook.com/theDCAlcodas/
We four are all members of the TUM JazzBand, the big band of the Technical University of Munich: Youtube-Channel, Homepage, Facebook

The video was created with the MuViTor: https://gitlab.com/shaman42/MuViTor

Thanks to Hendrik for letting me use his microphone for the saxophones and ocarina.
Thanks to Lluís, his shirt of little Cosette was perfectly for “Castle on a Cloud”.
Thanks to www.hinterhalt.de for letting us record drums, bass and guitar there.

List of songs (in order of their appearance):

  • Overture
  • At The End Of The Day
  • I Dreamed A Dream
  • Who Am I
  • Come To Me
  • Castle On A Cloud
  • Master Of The House
  • Stars
  • Red And Black
  • A Heart Full Of Love
  • Upon These Stones / Building The Barricade
  • Empty Chairs At Empty Tables
  • Finale