MuViTor (MUsic VIdeo ediTOR)

In the last year I used a video editor that was very unstable, crashed often and had many missing features. (I will not name it here)
Therefore, I decided to write my own small video editor specially tailored for creating music videos. That is the result:

View it on GitLab:


  • Import any video format that ffmpeg supports
  • Import any audio as .wav or .ogg files
  • Rendering backend handled by the jMonkeyEngine resulting in realtime previews
  • Precise placement of objects:
    • Pixel-wise positioning
    • Scaling around a user-specified anchor
    • Cropping
  • User-friendly timeline:
    • Move objects around in time, specify the start frame, skipped frames at the beginning, and the duration
    • Display audio waveform or frames
    • Split objects at the current time
    • Disable objects
    • Three channel modes: off, on, and solo that act on all objects in that channel
  • Full undo-redo support

This screenshot shows how I used this program to create the video for the Michael Jackson Medley.

Screenshot of version 2.0

It requires at least Java 8 to run.

In detail, when a video is imported, ffmpeg is used to extract the audio file. Then humble-video is used to extract thumbnails of each frame for a realtime preview.
Limitations: because it is very difficult to record audio inside jME, only one active audio source is supported. It is directly copied into the final movie. For music videos, this is enough.