University projects

Hi folks,

the last year was filled with programming projects for the university.

During my exchange semester, the fall semester 2015 at the Georgia Institute of Technology, I attended the graduate class Computer Graphics. There, we had to write many demo projects covering animation, interpolation and physics. I would like to share with you my final project: Procedural Terrain. In this project, I present an overview on how to generate procedural terrain from scratch with user interaction. It starts with a 2D voronoi diagram to specify the coarse shape. Then, the user can edit the terrain using strokes. As a third step, hydraulic erosion is simulated on the heighmap. In a last step, I add grass and trees based on biomes.

Last semester, the summer semester 2016 at the TU Munich, was an important one: It was time to write my bachelor’s thesis for my bachelor degree in computer science. In my thesis Fast voxel-based hydraulic erosion I describe how to simulate real 3D water using SPH on a real 3D terrain using voxels completely on the GPU.

Erosion on a slope

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