A long time on holidays

it has been almost four months since I uploaded any new contents. You may wonder, what did I do?

First of all, I traveled through New Zealand for six weeks. This was a dream of mine since ages and finally, it came true.
After that I started with my master thesis in Computer Graphics. Let’s see how that evolves.

But this doesn’t prevent me from playing music. I started working on a medley of Sword Art Online for bigband and I’m currently in the process of recording it. This takes a while since many friends collaborate on that project. It should be done in around a month.
In the meantime, I recorded a small project for saxophone quartet. It’s Aha! from Imogen Heap as sung by Pentatonix. You’ll find it here: http://www.sebastian-weiss.eu/music/sax-ensemble/aha-imogen-heap-pentatonix/

Until next time, when the Sword Art Online medley is completed.

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